As a mum running a business from home it becomes very easy to get caught up in the daily grind of looking after the children then obsessing over working or cleaning during their naps. It can be quite a lonely lifestyle if you let it, particularly if you are dealing with your clients via email rather than in person.

I recently started wondering how all those highly successful business women can balance everything with seemingly easy grace. So I started asking this question of women I admired and the resounding answer was – lose the guilt! Outsource those jobs you feel guilty about such as cleaning and ironing. For the amount it will cost you to get in a cleaner you can earn more if you dedicate that time to working on your own business.

I absolutely love that idea and it is something I am seriously considering although it still feels a little indulgent especially as I will be at home while someone else is doing my housework. I think for my first time I will take my laptop and baby to the park so he can play in the fresh air while I work and the happiness I feel knowing what I got done and then walking in the door to a clean house will be enough to help me get over my guilt in a hurry!

I think I will feel like a better mum and wife knowing I am contributing financially to the household as well as having plenty of time to play with my son….all in a nice clean house!