Other services

I offer a range of other specific services to assist you with growing your business so please contact me if you have something in mind. Here are some of the services I am currently working on.

Marketing review – this is a review of all your marketing materials from website to social media to print to guest blog post and anything with your brand on it. A full review is undertaken and recommendations made on how you can improve your engagement and conversions. If you are about to start working with influencers or undertaking some collaborations make sure you have the right steps implemented on your website to ensure you don’t miss out on the benefits of these opportunities.

Business strategy – Do you know what you want to achieve in your business and what you need to do to achieve this? Creating a business strategy that looks at your 3-5 year goals is critical. Not a boring plan that you will never look at again, a useful plan that works out how to break down your big vision to what you need to do to achieve it.

Content Strategy – I can provide you with a full content marketing strategy for whatever time period you require, you might just need a month to get started or three months or even six. I can give you blog post ideas, social media content ideas and other content strategy so you are never lost for ideas. We look at hashtags and keywords to ensure you make the most of all your marketing.

Marketing strategy – We analyse your current business, decide on which areas of marketing to focus on and create a marketing plan for your to refer to and keep you on track. No more just putting lots of idea’s and content out there, this more structured approach will ensure that any piece of information that comes from your business is 100% aligned with your end goal and getting you results.

Blog post, newsletters and copywriting – Need someone else to think of the words for you? I love to do this! 🙂

I also work with a great team of people who can assist in website design, social media management and other services.