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Nicola Dore being Interviewed by Bree Laughlin on the top 3 tips for marketing your business


This is Nicola Dore, and I’m so excited for you, because by visiting this website, you’ve just taken the first step towards a profitable, meaningful, enjoyable, and fulfilling business future!

My purpose: To help creative entrepreneurs to create structure and growth within their businesses. Ensuring they have systems and strategies in place to live their version of a balanced life. 

You’re in the right place if you want to really build your brand into something that draws people in – or create one from scratch – so you can really attract, interact and keep your ideal client coming back to your business time after time. Watch your income soar, and see many more lives changed because of your message and unique mix of expertise, skills, products and talents.

I will help you realise your brilliance, identify what makes you unique and irresistible so you stand out from your competitors, attract and keep your ideal customer, and most importantly grow your business while enjoying your time working in it and your time away from it.

Women are trained from such a young age to hide their true identity and conform to the identity society expects – not anymore! By learning how to unveil, own and communicate your true identity and therefore the value of what you do, you’ll gain the self-confidence to inspire your audience, and become a thought-leader, go-to expert and role model in your field, while achieving the lifestyle you deserve.

We are on a mission to help women who feel they have limited choices once they start a family to discover their inner strengths/gifts and share them with the greater community whilst discovering greater financial and lifestyle freedom. This is a supportive place to live and create – one where each one of us can fully express ourselves and shine.

Through irresistible branding and marketing strategy Nicola Dore shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to effectively stand out in the crowded, noisy marketplace, and finally shift from struggling to thriving.

I stand for:

a fun, holistic approach to branding and marketing

believing that everyone can have a successful business even if they can’t yet see it for themselves

designing unique brand personalities that attract the right people to you time after time

ensuring that your unique personal brand is 100% aligned with your business brand – no more hiding!


Nicola Dore Consulting officially started in 2013 as Max and Me Marketing. Having just had my first child and realising how difficult it would be to return to my corporate lifestyle which included lots of traveling and late night functions…(sounds terrible I know!) I decided to look at other alternatives to satisfy my need to be the best mum possible whilst still keeping my brain active by doing something I am passionate about. I soon discovered there were so many other women in my shoes.

And so I took the leap and started out on my own doing marketing and websites for other women in similar situations. Business took off quite quickly and I soon had plenty of work coming but there was a catch, when I wasn’t looking after my son (who rarely slept!) I was spending hours and hours on tasks that a uni student could have been doing rather than really helping these businesses grow and develop a strong and lasting position in the marketplace.

Once I finally identified that this wasn’t really what I was passionate about I started on an incredible journey of researching, learning, connecting, teaching, and growing on a daily basis. My business effectively was starting from scratch again but this time I had so much more clarity and focus.

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The boring stuff:

Nicola Dore’s recent qualifications.

I am continually increasing my knowledge and undertaking training to help deliver the best information possible to you. Rather than completely boring you will a list of all the training I have ever done, here are some of the recognised qualifications I have obtained over the past five years.

Master in Business (Marketing)

Diploma of Executive Coaching

Diploma in Workplace Training & Assessment

Train the Trainer