How we can help

We understand that everyone’s budget and requirements are different, especially when starting your own business. For this reason we have many different options available to suit everyone’s needs.

One on One Phone Consultations

For those who want to focus on learning new skills so they can do it themselves this option is perfect. These phone consultations start off with lots of questions so we can get a full overview of your business and needs. We then create a customised document which will be sent to you prior to our follow up session so we can go through it all together step by step. We also understand that it can be difficult to get the peace and quiet required to conduct these calls so we don’t work within traditional 9 to 5 business hours. Why not schedule your call for when the kids are in bed or you’ve just finished a days work in your 9-5 job and you can grab a cuppa and relax.

Our specialty is identifying what you need to be a success and working out what you need to do and who you need to help you achieve this.

Business and Marketing Mentoring & Coaching

Starting a business or deciding to take your business to the next level is an exciting step. Coming up with a marketing plan is just the first step, being focussed and consistent is something completely different.

By committing to a regular mentoring session we can keep you moving in the right direction, check what’s working and what’s not and ensure your unique brand shines through in every piece of communication you put out there.

Each session is conducted for an hour and is done either by phone, in a cafe or at our office depending on where you feel most comfortable.

The first session covers your unique brand and ensuring you are clear on who your ideal customer is. This ensures we have a very clear starting point and direction.

Each subsequent session is personalised but can cover:

  • Review of marketing opportunities and goals
    – Maximising marketing activities
    – Discuss challenges & ways to overcome them
    – Set marketing goals/actions
  • ensuring your unique brand shows through in every piece of communication
  • strengthen your brand

Sessions can be conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly, this is decided before the sessions commence to ensure accountability and follow through.


Over time we have worked out what most people get the most benefit from and have devised some packages to give you the best results in the least amount of time. Click here to view these packages.


Not sure exactly what you need done but know that something has to happen? No worries! Just send us an email or contact us on facebook or twitter and we will work with you to come up with the best option to suit your needs.

There is no obligation to go any further than our first phone call so why not send us an email to get the ball rolling. What have you got to lose?