Can you believe it is nearly 1 July already? This year seems to have flown by so quickly and the new financial year is the perfect time to join our 30 Days to take your business to the next level challenge.

Some of you may remember that last year in July I conducted a 30 day Marketing Challenge. This challenge produced some fantastic results for from the participants and I have loved watching their progress this year.
If you missed the last challenge you can find out more here  or purchase the ebook which contains the challenge plus some bonus tasks.

The new challenge.

The reason I have decided to continue this annual challenge is because I loved hearing all your stories and seeing your growth. I was still on the fence about doing it as late as this week because there are so many hours involved in creating a challenge of this size. I mean, surely 7 days is enough but I couldn’t choose just 7 topics. On Friday someone emailed me and asked for some of last years emails to be sent through so I knew I needed to do it again. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a free challenge I did 12 months ago still helping people.

The changes.

Last year there was a big focus on marketing and ways to build your business using those techniques. This year I am going to focus on some topics more specific to businesses. Many of the topics are ones I speak to my clients about on a daily basis so I know there are more people out there with the same issues.

The topics.

Are your customers costing you money?
Way’s to grow your bottom line without spending a cent
How to use Facebook to build your database
When’s the right time to outsource and how do you start?
How to become the go to business in your industry
Beating business burnout
and much more.
For each day of July there will be a theme and a task to do.

How it works.

Just like last year all tasks will be published on Facebook and Instagram however all the theory behind the tasks is a bit long so that will be sent out via my newsletter every morning during July.
If you are not already subscribed to my newsletter then nows the time to do it so you don’t miss out on all this great information.
Worried you don’t have the time to dedicate to a 30 day challenge? You can do the tips consecutively like they are planned to be or you could do one or two a week for the rest of the year to set your 2017 up to be amazing. Either way if you follow these simple steps you are guaranteed to see an improvement in your business.
Consider doing the challenge with a friend and using “work” as an excuse to catch up for a brainstorming dinner and drinks.


What’s the cost you ask? Well it’s free except for the time you put into it, all I ask is that if you love the tips that you pass them onto your friends and tell us how much you love it on our social media channels.


Use #ND30daychallenge in your posts so we can all follow along with how you’re going.

The sign up area is on the home page.