I was pregnant with baby number 2, seriously ill and in that awkward stage where people aren’t quite sure if you are pregnant or just putting on weight – let’s just say I wasn’t glowing, unless you count the beads of sweat from feeling so ill, they did add a bit a a sheen to my face haha.

But with all that happening I was given the opportunity to be interview for Bree Laughlin’s fantastic new series A Better U and Me. Although all of me said I wasn’t ready I decided to jump outside my comfort zone, forget vanity and do it – and it was fun! We had a great time with plenty of bloopers and I have met some great people through doing this video. I have added it below for you to have a laugh and hopefully get something out of it.

I guess the moral of this story is things may not be the perfect timing but if an opportunity is presented, jump outside your comfort zone and just do it, you never know what the outcome will be.

Do you have any examples of when you have had something like this happen? I’d love to hear them!